Company profile and the journey of CUREXO

  • 2010’s
    • 2017-present

      Take off as nation’s first medical robot expert

      • Started development of Orthopedic Surgical Robot
      • Established Institute of Technology attached to CUREXO
      • Acquired Medical Business Dept. of Hyundai Heavy Industries(Expansion of medical robot products including Gait Rehabilitation Robot and Needle Guide Type Interventional Robot)
      • Agreed to Sales Partnership with “Zimmer Biomet Asia” for Asia-Pacific sales expansion
      • Secured “Asia-Pacific” sales rights for Artificial Joint Surgical Robot
      • Acquired Manufacture Item Permission for new domestic medical device “Baidy”, the Natural Childbirth Assistor
    • 2015~2016

      Laying groundwork to advance into global market

      • Tsolution One obtained CE approval
      • Developed Acetabular Cup Surgery for Hip Joint and received FDA approval
      • Concluded the first Supply Contract for Tsolution One in US market
      • Concluded the first Supply Contract for Tsolution One in domestic market
    • 2014

      Development of new surgical robot product

      • Tsolution One obtained US FDA approval
      • “ROBODOC” V1.05 with domestic arm received US FDA approval
      • Completed R&D of next version of artificial joint surgical robot Tsolution One
      • Tsolution One obtained FDA Approval (THA)
    • 2013

      Diversified technical development of surgical robot

      • Completed development of “ROBODOC” V1.05 with domestic arm
      • Started R&D of the next version of “ROBODOC” (Tsolution One)
    • 2009~2012

      Base expansion of robotic surgery

      • 2012 |Provided a blueprint for ROBODOC
      • 2012 |Acquired KRW50B Equity of Korea Yakult and BW – Change of largest shareholder
      • 2011 |Selected as Host Company for Robot Pilot Project by Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
      • 2011 |ROBODOC advanced first overseas market (India)
      • 2011 |Agreed to “New Knee Campaign”
      • 2011 |Successfully completed Robot Applied Assignments of new growth engine SMART Project
      • 2011 |Awarded “8th Digital Innovation Prime Minister Prize” supported by Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, Small-Medium Business Administration, and Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
      • 2011 |Newly established Trade Business Department
  • 2000’s
    • 2008

      Taking a leap

      • Concluded first ROBODOC Contract with domestic hospital
      • Received US FDA Approval for ROBODOC
    • 2007

      Promotion of new business for growth

      • Secured Safety of Domestic Medical Apparatus for “Baidy”
      • Acquired ISO 13485 for “Baidy”
      • Took over Tangible/Intangible Assets for ROBODOC (Secured 40,000 rights for IBM intellectual property rights)
    • 2006

      Incorporation and base establishment

      • Incorporated CUREXO USA Inc.
      • Changed company name to CUREXO Inc.
      • Incorporated Koamnanobio