Gait Rehabilitation Robot

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Morning Walk is used for rehabilitation training for patients from all age groups from children to adults. VR software will increase the interests of patients in the rehabilitation treatment.

  • Saddle-type body supporting system

    • No need for additional time for treatment preparations with the simple seating system
    • Body weight assist and support of the patient
    • Max. 135kg user
  • User-friendly interface

    • Infographic design
    • Intuitive structure to identify robot motion and patient’s training state at a glance
    • Divided foot-plated, Walking pattern separately djustable
  • End-effector type gait training system

    • Study results show it is a more effective rehabilitation method for lower limb movements.*
    • Various gait motions such as flatland and stairs
    • Max. 2.3km/h gait training : Step(30~55cm) / Cadence(4~70steps/min)
    • Divided foot-plated

    *Electromechanical-assisted gait training after stroke: a systematic review comparing end-effector and exoskeleton devices (J. Mehrholz and M. Pohl; J Rehabil Med 2012)

  • VR(Virtual Reality) S/W(Option)

    • Creation of VR trails and parks : High therapy effect by stimulating interest
    • Personalized interface : Identification of robotic motion and patient training condition
    • Gait parameters linked
  • Treatment module for children (Option)

    • Body weight support for children provided : Children (about 5~6) with min. 480mm of groin height (limb length)
    • Cradle, chest support, and foot binding for children

Product specifications

Product name MORNING WALK®
Item Robot-assisted orthopedic exercise device
Size 3,900(L) X 1,540(W) X 1,950(H)mm
Weight 900Kg(Net)
Max. patient submission 135Kg
Rated voltage 200-240V
Rated voltage 2,000VA


* These products are medical robots. Please check the caution and instructions before use.