Needle Guide Type Interventional Robot

Differentiated product and medical solutions based on cutting-edge medical technology

Product Composition

  • 1. Safe and accurate robot

    • 5-axis robot arm with high accuracy and precision
    • Dual safety device with real-time monitoring function
    • Emergency stop in case of emergency
  • 2. Real-time position tracking between robot and patient

    • Fast and accurate optical position sensor
    • No restrictions on the installation location of robot
  • 3. Laser for needle entry point marking

    • Entry point check for local anesthesia or pre-incision
    • Application of Red Dot Laser (class 1)
  • 4. Easily detachable needle guide

    • Manually detachable without operating a driver source
    • Quick retreat of robot in case of emergency
  • 5. Convenient user interface

    • MPR(*) View indication in CT image
    • Functional modularization and minimization of user enter button

    *MPR : Multi-planner Reconstruction

  • 6. Monitoring of patient breath level

    • Monitoring of patient’s breath level through the movement of the optical tracking system attached on the patient’s skin surface
    • Real-time update of target point
  • 7. Robot fixing lifting system

    • Minimized robotic motion by 4-point support
    • Height adjustment if necessary
  • 8. Ergonomic robotic handle

    • Ergonomic handle considering various user heights
    • Induction of correct posture required for robotic locomotion

Product specifications

Product name ROBIN
Item Navigation medical
Size 1,108(L) X 467(W) X 1,896(H) (mm) (Basic posture of robot arm)
Weight 약 220kg
Rated voltage 단상 AC 220V
Power consumption 3,000VA
Compatible devices CT
Image DICOM 3.0
Compatible needle (G) 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25