Natural Childbirth Assistor

Differentiated product and medical solutions based on cutting-edge medical technology

What is Baidy?

Baidy is the medical device to assist labor by increasing intrauterine pressure which helps natural childbirth. It’s a new-conceptual product which ensures natural childbirth with new advanced technologies and brings healthy life to mothers and babies.

Baidyis a compound word of Baby + aidwhich means “to help a baby.”
It is a natural childbirth assistor developed with the mother’s heart to reduce pain during delivery and help have a healthy baby.

Developmental Background of Baidy

The use of epidural analgesia to release pain during delivery decreases uterine activity and maternal voluntary pushing to deliver. It results in prolonged duration of labor, thus increasing the need for operative delivery and use of instruments for labor. Baidy provides air pressure to the abdomen of mother and increases intrauterine pressure, thus reducing duration of labor and use of instruments for labor. This effect has been proven throughout many clinical trials, it was found that anyone who tries natural childbirth could benefit from this device as well as pregnant women who have taken epidural analgesia.

History of Development

  • 1952

    Hermann Heidenwolff – Suggested concept of helping minor muscle

  • 1987

    Dr. Shao Fei Zhao, Dr. Mingying Gai – Proved effects through 6 clinical tests, using a manually operated model

  • 1993~

    Novatrix Medical Corporation – Developed microprocessor-based assisted labor system, registered 3 patents and performed 2,000 clinical tests in US, UK, etc.

  • 2006~

    CUREXO Inc. – Took over assets and sales including US patent, received KFDA approval, acquired CE mark, registered China patent, registered 3 US patents, 3 Korean patents, and 1 international patent

  • 2012

    Paldo Co. Ltd. – Took over assets and sales

  • 2017~

    CUREXO Inc. – Took over sales rights, upgraded product, received KFDA and CE approval

Baidy instructions

  • 1. During natural childbirth, wear the belt and Toco on the second stage of labor (when the womb is open about 10 cm).

  • 2. Whenever the womb contracts (when the pain starts) during natural childbirth, Toco reads the signal and applies pressure to the belt.* When there is a vibration, mother starts pushing at the same time when the belt is swollen.

  • 3. The combination of the force by the mother pushing the baby and the pressure of the belt increases intrauterine pressure, thus having easier and faster labor for both mother and baby.