Differentiated product and medical solutions based on cutting-edge medical technology

CUVIS-spine is

developed by the technology of CUREXO a medical robot specialized company.
CUVIS-spine is based on a highly accurate Robot-Arm, One-step surgical tool, real-time tracking sensor, providing practitioners the state of the art device that is fast, simple and precise.

CUVIS is a compound word of CURE and the Latin word VIS.
Showing the will of CUREXO to strongly move forward and cure in the medical robotic field.

Why CUVIS-spine is good?

  • 1C-Arm and O-Arm imaging devices are available.
  • 2Device program workflow is simple and convenient.
  • 3The CUVIS-spine one-step surgical tool simplifies the surgical process.
  • 4With OTS, tracking patient and plan changing in real-time are possible.
  • 5Less imaging decreases radiation exposure.