Story of Sharing

CUREXO a Caring and Sharing Company.

CUREXO increases the joy of walking and enhance the value of life.

As a social enterprise, CUREXO is putting effort into culture sharing.

“New Knee Campaign,” is the social contribution the project
to support the robotic artificial joint surgery for the underprivileged.
The project is supporting the state-of-the-art robotic artificial joint surgery
for the underprivileged unable to walk due to such disease as degenerative arthritis
and barely making a living with extreme pain to recover soon.

The New Knee Campaign started in 2011 following the joint agreement between Gyeonggi Provincial Government, CUREXO, Robotic Surgery Hospital, and Gyeonggi Community Chest of Korea. It is taking the initiative in boosting the sharing culture including an advanced medical support for the low-income elderly in blind spots of health security system to provide an opportunity of social independence.

New Knee Campaign

  • 9 years

  • 600 persons

  • 500 cases