Business Introduction

CUREXO imports, distributes, and sells food and food additives.


The trade business imports food and food additives used as raw material for fermented milk, beverage, and ramen from overseas and distributes and sells them to leading domestic food companies. Since CUREXO took over this business with new challenging spirits in 2011, it has been playing a role of supporting CUREXO’s stable growth.


Based on knowledge of food and global expertise, CUREXO has been importing good and safe food raw materials from all over the world including European countries such as Netherland, Belgium, Germany, and Italy and Canada, Australia, Turkey, India, China, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia as well as American countries like the US and Chile.

As the supplier of raw materials for food, our company has been raising the abilities to select talented overseas customers and domestic offers,. Also we manage first-in-first-out for expiry date, reduce supply price and control quality, while providinge new raw materials.